Announced today was the open enrollment for Sarasota High School Mentor’s. Mentors are students who will be helping students.

They will be chosen for their desire, drive, and leadership: Ability to be a friend.
Using the neighborhood Little Free Library’s Mentors will:
Connect with The Young Stewards.
Review and help with their weekly activities.
Report needs wants & concerns.

Also this week: Starting our Young Steward’s program at Alta Vista Elementary.

Founder & President, Sandra E LaFlamme

Founder & President, Sandra E LaFlamme

The Young Steward’s program is for elementary students. They are nominated by their teacher for hosting the Little Free Library.

Steward’s will look to weekly report on Library actively:
Suggest book’s
Read a book
Give a report
Pen Pal with Stewards in Gregory Town and outside S W Florida.

We have the first 4 families nominated.

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