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For Florida. In Florida. The South West Educational Foundation, Inc. formed to help during the transition from childhood to adulthood: the whole family

Looking Ahead: Reading Aloud

Read Aloud

Welcome to our 2014 – 2015 Board of Directors:  Diane Coles, Lori Pierce, Marjorie Jaskie, Esq. and Marsha Ritter.  Our shared vision this year is to expand the breath and width of Little Lending Library’s through out Sarasota AND near Island Communities.

Book at Sarasota --  The South West Educational Foundation Home Office site

Book at Sarasota — The South West Educational Foundation Home Office site


In the next 12 months we look to place 11 in the Sarasota Midtown Area.  11 in the Ringling College of Art & Design area.  And 11 in our sister township of Eleuthera, Gregory Town, Bahamas.  So far, the kids and their families have enjoyed riding their bikes from library to library.  We look to increase our alliances with the Sarasota Family YMCA so that education for aquatic safety can be nested in our library’s — pointing to the upcoming ALL SARASOTA KIDS POOL PARTY swim curriculum roll out.


Little Free Librarys

Our founding year 2007 we sponsored Minnesota Twins Youth Challenge: Spring Training event at Hammond Stadium.

2013 Little Lending Library comes to Temple Street Sarasota, FL.

2010 Sponsor of the Shining Light Vacation Bible Hero Camp.

2009 Organic Teaching Garden-to-Plate programs established in Sarasota County .  AND  Sarasota / Cincinnati Reds Wings Fest.  Summer Your Work Force at Mango Community Garden.

2008:  Second:  Minnesota Twins Youth Challenge: Spring Training event at Hammond Stadium.  AND Walk To School. Fun At School. Eating Right! A Week of Activities, Exercise and Learning in Palmetto a success we continue to find ways to integrate physical activity, eating right with learning.



Young Stewards & Friends.

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